Hype Energy Drinks


You only need a Kiteā€¦and Hype Energy

Fast, furious and fun. Three words that perfectly describes windsurfing and Hypes weekend to Tarifa. Full of color, excitement and adrenaline, it was a pleasure to watch kite surfers swiftly drift around the sea. The only potential fault of the day was that it was incredibly hot, luckily the Hype te...


Since the first drop of Hype Energy Drinks was created in 1994 we have been working with the top flavor houses in Europe to produce the best tasting quality energy drinks. Free from artificial colorings and preservatives, Hype Energy provides a more natural way to enjoy energy drinks.

Hype Energy Drinks
Hype Energy Drinks

SINCE 1994

Hype Energy was one of the first energy drinks brands on the market in 1994, originally launched by the founder of Hard Rock Cafe. Since 1997, thanks to the vision of its new owner, former Formula One racing driver Bertrand Gachot, Hype Energy has built a strong global network with a reputation for being a quality lifestyle drink. Hype Energy drinks are now available in over 45 countries worldwide.