Hype Energy’s young Formula 4 driver earns a podium finish at the Grand Prix de Pau

Posted on 16/05/2016

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Kami Laliberté, the young Montréal-born driver sponsored by Hype Energy has been racing his first season in the 2016 Formula 4 Championships. After a challenging start of the season, the young driver keeps progressing and is confidently going up the ranks. 


Last weekend during the street course of the Grand Prix de Pau, Kami qualified 9th on Friday. He managed to earn 6th place in the morning and a podium finish in the afternoon event. During the weekend Kami Laliberté managed to pull off some spectacular overtakes at the “Du Pont Oscar” corner, one of the most challenging corners for this type of manoeuvres. Being a risk-taker really payed off, and he concluded this weekend’s race on a positive note. 


 Kami Laliberte Pau 2e



“I had again a very good start and I have been able to overtake again. It was great to fully enjoy this very special circuit”, said the driver, happy and proud to climb on a podium for the first time this season. “These results are encouraging, it’s the kind of boost needed for the upcoming races in German Formula 4 that are going to be my main focus from now.’’ 


We are very pleased with Kami’s performance and we hope that he will keep going strong until the end of this 2016 season. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for exclusive content and all of Kami’s upcoming results for the ADAC Formula 4 Championships