Hype Energy to introduce their #MFPclub during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend

Posted on 23/11/2015

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After a year of intense speed and agility behind the wheel, the last race is upon us and we are going to take you behind the scenes! We’ll be on hand to give you a behind the scenes look at the excitement from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as we join Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Pérez and welcome them into the #MFPClub.

Follow along on Twitter and Instagram as we cover all the hottest spots and parties at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and be sure to tag #MFPClub to be a part of action! Keep your eyes peeled as we unveil a sneak peek at our new product range, new flavors, and Hype Energy MFP emblem.

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Hype Energy Abu Dhabi MFP