Hype Energy Mojito: lose yourself in the taste of summer

Posted on 18/03/2015

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Lose yourself in the taste of summer! Feel the energy and the powerful beats of the mojito flavors rushing through you.

Hype Energy Mojito is the brand new flavor by Hype Energy drinks, a magic beverage with a real taste of mojito but without the alcohol. The mix of mint and lime flavor give the drink its refreshing summer taste.

One sip and you’ll realize that you are holding summer, in a can. The Hype team came together and decided that it was time for an energy drink that could bring the summer to you. That’s why our flavor team traveled to figure out what drink could best represent summer. After long and tiring days at the beach, they finally came home with a recipe that will be the Hype this summer!

You will recognize Hype Energy Mojito by its unmistakable fluorescent green color. It is a flavored carbonated energy drink that has no preservatives. It contains 5 vitamins, taurine and caffeine that make it an awesome and healthy energy drink… our brand new summer flavor!! 

Sun, beach, friends, a breeze… Lose yourself in the taste of summer! 100% Mojito 0% Alcohol! Let’s Hype this party!

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