Hype Energy + Epsilon eSports: Season 2

Posted on 31/01/2017

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eSports are attracting the eye of gamers from all over the planet.


Hype Energy is pleased to announce the renewal of their sponsorship with Epsilon eSports, one of the Top eSports teams in the world. Epsilon have some of the best teams on the globe participating in a range of games such as: Call of Duty: Infinite Warefare, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, FIFA17 and Battlefield1.


Epsilon Hype 2017 1


eSports is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world!


Epsilon eSports and Hype Energy collaborated together for the first time at the SMITE World Championship in Atlanta (January 2016) in which Epsilon won the tournament. Following this success, Hype gladly supported the team throughout 2016, in which Epsilon obtained fantastic results with their CSGO roster (2x PGL World Championships) and their Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 squad, which placed in the top 16 in the Call of Duty World Championship in Los Angeles (September 2016). Epsilon FIFA Pro Player Spencer 'GORILLA' also won six FIFA Gfinity Play Like a Legend tournaments and achieved 2nd place at the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC).


Epsilon Hype 2017 2


Gamers are the gladiators of the digital era


Manu Álvarez, in charge of eSports sponsorships at Hype Energy drinks declared: “Our first year with Epsilon eSports has been a great success. The performance of Epsilon's rosters last year was exceptional, and we are delighted to be represented by this talented group of professionals in 2017. It has opened the door to a completely new world and to many new fans that are in love with our brand.”


Greg Champagne, Epsilon eSports Managing Director: “We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Hype Energy drinks for another year as 2016 was an incredible experience collaborating with them. We believe 2017 will be a banner year for eSports and an extremely exciting time for both Epsilon eSports and Hype”


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Hype Energy’s eSports adventure will continue after the highly anticipated agreement with Epsilon eSports. We can’t wait to start cheering their incredibly talented Call of Duty, CSGO, Halo, Battlefield, Rainbow 6, Gears of War, Hearthstone and FIFA squads!