CWL: Pro League Playoffs Are Back In Action

Posted on 02/02/2018

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The CWL: Pro League Playoffs kick off this February 6th as Hype Energy sponsored Epsilon eSports travel to the USA for the latest round of the Call of Duty eSports competition. Dvqee, Vortex, Nathan and Hawqeh representing the #EpsiCoD line-up, here’s what you need to know for the CWL Pro League 2018.


Call of Duty World League CoD: WL Pro League Ohio Columbus Epsilon eSports Hype

The Call of Duty: WL Pro League continues next Tuesday as the world’s top CoD teams meet again in Ohio, USA.



Taking place across three days in Columbus, Ohio, the CWL: Pro League Playoffs is divided into two divisions; Division A and Division B. Each Division will consist of 8 teams, and the result will count towards qualification for the CWL Pro League later this year, with a staggering $700,000 prize pool.

Epsilon eSports will be in Division 2, take a look here for more details on the official MLG website!


The Team

Dqvee Dave Davis Hawqeh Billy Harris Insanitised Nathan Orton Vortex Stephen A

The EpsiCoD roster is made up of Dqvee, Insanitised, Vortex and Hawqeh.


DVQEE (David Davies)

A centre piece of the EpsiCoD line-up, Dvqee spends most of his time at the top of the leader board.


INSANTISED (Nathan Orton)

The latest addition to Epsilon’s top class CoD line up, Insanitised will look to make a name for himself alongside some of the best players in Europe.


VORTEX (Stephen Allen)

After forging his reputation across various European events on CoD: Advanced Warfare, Vortex is an Epsilon regular - for good reason.


HAWQEH (Billy Harris)

After making a name for himself beating some of the top European teams online, Hawqeh has what is takes to win on the international stage.


Need To Know

Dqvee Dave Davis Epsilon eSports CoD CWL Pro League Ohio Columbus eSports Gaming

Epsilon eSports will be in Division B at the CoD: WL Pro League next week.


Friday April 6

Doors Open: 3:00 PM ET

Broadcast: 4:00 PM ET


Saturday April 7 

Doors Open: 12:00 PM ET

Broadcast: 1:00 PM ET


Sunday April 8

Doors Open: 12:00 PM ET

Broadcast: 1:00 PM ET


Where to watch: