Car Wrap Scam Information

Recently we have seen reports of individuals offering car wraps which claim to be from Hype Energy Drinks.

These car wraps are not genuine Hype Energy Drinks marketing activities and are designed to steal personal information and your money.


How the scam works:


The initial offer will be to wrap your car in exchange for a monthly or weekly sum to be paid, often the sum offered is significant and seems to be a very attractive offer for what seems like very little work on your part.

The individuals will offer you the car wrap before sending a check to you, the check will be for a large sum. They will ask you to deposit the check, keep your share and wire the rest to a 'car wrapping' company.

The original check will be fake and will bounce at a later date. You will be unable to recover the money sent to the 'car wrapping' company. You will have lost the money.


What you should do:


Report the individuals to your local police and inform Hype Energy Drinks by emailing

 Hype Energy Drinks Car Wrap Scam Information